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Areca Round Plate 12" (Pack of 15)
Bamboo Pencil Box
Brass Cup and Saucer
Coconut Shell Bowl
MS Kadai Size :22
Cooking and Kitchen Items
Mud Briyani Pot/ Curry Pot with lid
Eco Friendly Disposables
Fresh Products from our Kitchen
Ollas Irrigation Pots(Pack of 2) without lids
Cotton Saree bag with layers
Kabasura Kudineer
Ajwain vadam
Organic/ Traditional Foods
Aluminium Idli Paanai (100 pits)
Seasonable & Perishable
Kuli Karandi
Chapathi Stone
Cotton Saree bag with layers
shastha  Peanut chikki
Mud thulasi maadam
Wooden Dol Mathu