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Olla Irrigation Pots

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What are they?

Olla Irrigation Pots are ceramic pots used for efficient irrigation of crops. It was first used in China and North America almost 4000 years ago. Ollas (pronounced: oh-yahs) can help in quick gardening. These are many inexpensive ways to maximize garden output while lessening water loss and overwatering.


How does it work?

A ceramic pot is buried with only the opening visible above the soil surface. Then, it is filled with water. The porose walls of the Olla will allow water to disperse. As the pores in the pot are small, water doesn’t flow freely. If the soil is dry, then the water will release faster. Similarly, if the plant was watered recently, by rainfall, the water in the Olla will remain inside the pot. Olla Irrigation system also promotes rich irrigating and dense root growth.

Soil and roots do not experience intense drying and wetting cycles which help prevent bitter-tasting vegetables. This also stops cracks forming in tomatoes or melons which occurs when it receives an ample amount of water supply and then very little water. 


Crops to use:

Irrigation is very useful for crops with fibrous root systems like squash, melons, watermelons, tomatoes, etc, etc. It can also be used for shallow root systems like lettuce. 


This is not an efficient technique for grains because of the area coverage necessary. But these irrigation pots can be used for plants like young trees, vines or bushes.



  • Bury the Olla at least 1-2 inches above the soil surface.
  • Place Ollas at least 2-3 feet in your garden for maximum impact.
  • Check the water level frequently and refill it when needed.
  • Always keep a rock, clay or any cover over the olla opening to minimize evaporation and prevent mosquito breeding.
  • Use them in slightly sandy or coarse-textured soils because soils with high clay content do not disperse water well.
  • Know where your Ollas are buried. Outline the opening with rocks or any other methods to prevent someone from stepping on the olla.
  • Liquid fertilizer can be added to the olla to release nutrients into the soil. But make sure that they are 100% liquid to prevent clogging your Olla’s pores.


Make sure your plant is well-nourished with Olla Irrigation pots from Mynaa World!

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