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The taste of water from a mud pot… Mmm… Amazing! I used to always drink mud pot water when I go to my neighbour’s house. And during Pongal, a festival in India, we cook a dish called Pongal in earthenware, and believe me, it tastes a cut above the usual cooking-with-a-cooker way. My grandmother once told me how earthenware keeps us healthy. Let’s see how…

Usually, the food we eat is slightly acidic. Clay is alkaline and it reacts with the acidity in the food, thus neutralizing the pH and eventually making the food healthier and a lot easier to digest. And it is said to provide necessary minerals that are good for health.

Clay pots are perfect for slow cooking because they are porous in nature. It allows heat and moisture to spread easily, which leads to unhurried and uniform cooking. And food cooked in clay pots is tastier because the moisture content of the food is maintained, therefore making the dish juicer, tender and fresher than typical cooking. This method also carries spices and seasonings deeper into the food thus giving it a distinctive touch in flavour.

Earthenware vessels also keep back all the nutrients of the food which reduces the requirement to add more oil/water. A drop in high cholesterol level is one of the outcomes.

Earthenware products are heat – resistant. So, while you keep hot food on your plate and if you’re holding the plate from the bottom, it is not going to be piping hot as a steel or plastic plate. Although they resistant to heat, hot/cold food can maintain their temperature for a long time. Earlier, people used to cook using earthenware on a firewood stove. In the 21st century, it has become microwave friendly.

Clay is environmentally safe as they are completely organic, and non-toxic. If taken care properly, they can last for a long time and they are absolutely biodegradable.


It is interesting to know a little about how these earthenware products are made. There are six processes involved in pottery. These include sourcing the clay, crushing, mixing, kneading, potter’s wheel and lastly, firing. The hands of the potters are the one that creates the magic.


The pottery making has travelled through generations and this business plays a vital role in their living. The skill is woven into the lives and the cultural history of the people. And potters consider pottery as a passion more than a profession. The sustainability of pottery depends on the people who buy the earthenware, which supports them. Thus, we can maintain the symbiotic relationship of human to human.


Cooking food in other metal wares like steel, iron, bronze, aluminium comparatively has very less nutritional gain. Now, we can understand that using earthenware is more beneficial than other manufactured metal wares.


During olden times, people used clay pots for almost everything. They stored curd, butter, etc., etc. This reminds me of the stories we have heard about Lord Krishna stealing butter from a clay pot. Today, Earthenware is making a comeback because people began using them again!


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